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Rullan University is a unique veterinary medical teaching platform which combines highly effective teaching methods for Equine Veterinary technicians, assistants and Veterinary interns. The main objective is to teach practical skills which are not commonly taught at other teaching institutions and are only supposed to be acquired by hands on “practice”. We believe in providing students with the best tools available to teach them skills necessary to be successful now, not years into their profession.

Our teaching methods have been developed by Dr. Rullan and Performance Equine Veterinary Services in Ocala, Florida over the last 11 years and are now available to anyone interested. Rullan University offers multiple learning options for students, so they can learn at their own pace. 

In addition, our latest expansion includes a complete training for Equine Veterinarians who attended veterinary school outside the United States and are looking to become certified in the US.

Meet Our Team

Alberto J. Rullan-Mayol, VMD

Founder, Instructor

Dr. Alberto Rullan was born and raised in a small, rural town on the island of Puerto Rico. He dreamt about becoming an Equine Veterinarian since he was a young boy. 

Through hard work and dedication, he received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2002. He continued on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006.  

This was followed by an in-house internship at the Louisiana State University Veterinary Equine Teaching Hospital and Clinic where he obtained advanced training in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in equine medicine and surgery.

Experiencing the lack of continuing education for Equine Technicians, Assistants, Interns and new Veterinarians as a practice owner was the driving force behind creating Rullan University. 

William Rullan was born with the same passion for horses as his older brother, Alberto. Raised on a cattle farm, William and Alberto were charged with helping their father care for the horses and cattle. 

After leaving Puerto Rico, William moved to Ocala, FL, where the Rullan brothers opened Performance Equine Veterinary Services in 2009. In the beginning, the practice consisted of Alberto as the sole veterinarian and William as his Technician. 

William completed his Equine Veterinary Technician certification at the University of Florida through a previous training program (that has since been disolved). 

Since opening the Veterinary practice in 2009, William has spent many years training dozens of Technicians, Assistant and Interns along side his brother. Seeing the need for better preparation for these professionals, William was eager to build a continuing education platform for those in the vet med field through Rullan University. 

William "Willie" A. Rullan

Founder, Administrator

Erin Rice

Founder, Administrator

As a native Floridian, born and raised just outside of Wellington, FL, Erin grew up in the barn and has ridden horses since she was 3 years old. With experience in both English and Western disciplines, Erin shares a love of all breeds of horse. 

After moving to Ocala in 2010, Erin began her career in the equine industry managing barns and riding for amateur owners. In 2014, she took an office position with Dr. Rullan at Performance Equine Veterinary Services. Due to the need for trained medical staff, Dr. Rullan began training her as his Assistant and Technician.

Being with the practice for over 3 years, Erin wore many hats, including Assistant, Technician, Pharmacy Manager and Director of Medical Services. During this time, Erin was charged with using the Rullan's continuing educational training to teach the medical staff. This experience highlighted the need for better continuing education resources for equine medical professionals.

After many years assisting the Rullan brothers in training their staff and interns, Erin and the Rullan's joined forces once again. Her goal is to offer those in the Equine Veterinary Industry with top quality continuing education and support in their education journey.

Dr. Katherine O’Brien has been a lover and admirer of the beauty and innocence of animals since she was a little girl.

Born and raised in Louisiana, her dreams of becoming a veterinarian in order to help and speak for animals came true when she graduated from Louisiana State University in 2007. This is also where she met fellow classmate and now husband, Dr. Alberto Rullan.

Though Dr. O'Brian is a small animal veterinarian, she understands the need for higher quality continuing education in all areas of the veterinary medical field. As owner of Maricamp Animal Hospital since 2012 (also located in Ocala, FL), her purpose is to create an environment that advocates for the animal, no matter the circumstance.

Dr. O’Brien realized another way to help animals is to be an advocate for better medicine through education. Her passion for teaching and supporting those continuing their veterinary education has shown to be greatly successful in her own practice. She puts her talent as an educator to use as a supportive administrator with Rullan University.

Katherine O'Brien-Rullan, DVM

Consultant, Administrator

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