Module 3: Preventative Care, Recommendations and Schedules

Emphasis on preventative care makes every veterinary practice successful. Information of recommended preventative care, vaccination schedules, parasite control, oral and dental health protocols and even routine farriery are all detailed here. 

Course Outline

Section 1 - Vaccination Information and Recommended Schedules
Review of the current recommendations in North America for administering vaccines to horses of all ages, how to administer the vaccines and important information necessary to properly handle and keep vaccines

Section 2 - Internal Parasite Management and Recommended Schedules
Equine internal parasite management information through Fecal Egg Count testing, monitoring, prevention and treatment with deworming medications

Section 3 - Dental Health and Floating Recommended Schedules
Oral and dental health, general care and recommended schedules for tooth eruption, dental floating and common oral ailments and things to be aware of

Section 4 - Basic Hoof Care, Health and Farriery Recommendations
The equine foot is a complex structure requiring consistent maintenance care such as farriery, trimming, shoeing and other maintenance to help ensure a sound, healthy horse
**This course is required for all students taking the full Rullan University program. Students may not test out of this module.