Looking to become a Licensed Veterinarian in the United States or gain more knowledge to further your current skills as an Equine Veterinarian? 

Here at Rullan University, we provide our students with the educational content and support necessary to further careers in Equine Veterinary Medicine.

We help students prepare for their future endeavors in the Equine Medical field with our online modules, detailed lectures, testing process and hands on field teachings on campus!

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Rullan University Success Stories:

Meet Randa & Sara

They Completed their externship at our Rullan University sister clinic, Equine Performance Innovative Center, located in Ocala, Florida. They have learned the skills needed to further their abilities in Equine Rehabilitation and Therapies, along with other important skills like Pharmacology.

What You'll Learn With Rullan University

Physical Examinations

When assisting a veterinarian or working as a veterinary intern, the basic and extensive physical examination is vital to providing any patient with top quality medicine. Starting with the basics, learn vital signs, how to examine the surface of the horse for illness and lameness.

Therapeutic Modalities

As a veterinary technician, intern or newly graduated veterinarian, understanding the use of the equipment available to diagnose and treat patients makes the difference between "good" and "great" vet care. Understand state of the art industry equipment, its use and benefits. 

Emergency Protocols

An equine veterinary assistant or intern should be able to competently prepare for any equine emergency that arises, such as lacerations, colic, or difficult births. This course provides knowledge of triage instruments and supplies, stabilizing care and variations within emergency issues.