Begin your journey to becoming the most successful Equine Veterinary Assistant or Technician with Rullan University!

Don't waste years taking courses unrelated to your dream job as an equine veterinary technician or assistant! Achieve your goals in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost it takes to earn an equine-related two or four year degree. 

Rullan University educates students on the most current and widely accepted, innovative techniques for real world application as an equine veterinary technician, assistant or vet student intern. Receive training on topics and procedures that will bring your career as a technician to the next level. No "filler" courses, just equine specific continuing education

After completing the on line modules, put your skills to the test with our hands on practical training at Rullan University's sister facility, in Ocala, Florida!

Watch our video to learn more about Rullan University's continuing education program, a la carte module options and more!

What You'll Learn With Rullan University

Rullan University Courses Include...

Equine Anatomy

We have designed our anatomy course in a very unique way. We start our students with the basics, beginning with the surface markers of the horse. Students then learn the musculoskeletal system to the most complex and detailed internal anatomical structures of the horse, not taught to assistants or technicians in a setting anywhere else.

Physical Examinations

One of the most important skills of a great veterinary assistant or intern is the ability to do a proper physical exam. We have developed a systematic approach, detailing how to properly conduct a physical exam. We start our students with the basics, from taking vital signs, examining the horse for abnormalities, to extensive lameness examinations.

Critical Care

A competent equine veterinary assistant or intern should be able to competently handle the preparation of any equine emergency that arise such as lacerations, colic, or difficult births. This course prepares you in such as way that when an emergency comes in, you will prepare everything the veterinarian needs without hesitation or concern.